Job Summary:

  • The primary task of a Technical Supervisor is to direct and coordinate activities of Technical Team by performing the following duties personally or through subordinates:

General Duties:

  • · Delegate and allocate responsibilities efficiently to manage projects from end to end
  • · Examine work of subordinates for accuracy and conformance to policies and procedures
  • · Studies and standardizes procedures to improve efficiency of subordinates
  • · Checks and evaluates report of subordinates
  • · Participates in meetings with clients and other personnel involved in the project
  • · Maintains harmony among workers and resolves grievances

Specific Duties and Job Authorities:

  • · Evaluates written data such as work order / job order to ensure accurate workflow
  • · Determine work procedures, prepares work schedules, and expedite day to day operation of the Technical Team
  • · Checks and Reviews Plans and Drawings of CAD Team
  • · Performs Site Visits
  • · Performs project scheduling and reports project status to Sales Team
  • · Checks and evaluates report of subordinates
  • Abreast with latest furniture trends, Technical Supervisor can directly consult with Sales and Production team to establish technical concept. He also oversees its overall production and implementation throughout the design process and ensures that all requirements and expectations of the clients are met. Technical Supervisor conducts regular team meetings to track progress of every project.


Job Summary:

  • The human resource generalist is responsible for performing HR-related duties on a professional level and coordinates closely with Administrative Manager in supporting the branch. This position carries out responsibilities in the following functional areas: payroll administration, employee relations, performance management, on boarding, policy implementation, recruitment/employment, affirmative action and employment law compliance.


  • · Assist with all internal and external HR related matters.
  • · Time keeping monitoring and payroll administration.
  • · Employee data encoding as well as contract monitoring.
  • · Maintain employee files/records in soft copy and paper form.
  • · Assist in recruitment process and conduct employee on boarding orientation.
  • · Ensure and execute legal compliance of HR rules and regulations as well as issuance of applicable memorandums/disciplinary action if any violations or issues may arise.
  • · Produce and submit reports to Admin Office pertaining to HR activities.
  • · Any other support may be assign form time to time.


Job Summary:

  • Under the monitoring and guidance of the In-house Security Officer and supervision of the Security and Facilities Supervisor, the main responsibilities are to check, monitor and inspect incoming/outgoing materials as well as circulating document/s transaction/s depending on the gate functions. 

General Duties:

  • · Responsible for the inspection of items that are scheduled for delivery to client and items for inter building transfer.
  • · Must have a copy of packing list, gate pass, delivery receipt or transmittal before the items may be released at the following gates #1, #2, #3, #4, #6 and #7. 
  • · Must check that actual items scheduled for delivery are the same items listed on every document.
  • · Should verify that the signatures attached to all the documents are those of the persons authorized to approve the documents via specimen signature.
  • · Should put a stamp mark on what gate the items were released and should indicate the name of the driver and helper including the time and date at the documents before such delivery may proceed to its destination.
  • · Must ensure that all items are thoroughly counted, checked and stamped COMPLETE at the documents when released from dispatching area.
  • · No items shall be released on such gates without proper documentation and checked by the designated personnel.
  • · No tools or equipment shall be released without appropriate gate pass indicating the items and approved by designated officials of the company. 
  • · In charge for the safe keeping of a copy of documents such as packing list, delivery receipt, daily itinerary, gate pass, transmittal form. Thus, said documents must be labeled from date, months and year and will be filed accordingly.
  • · Must be visible at all times at gate where his duties may be essential. 
  • · If there were instances that the dispatching/Logistic department has no scheduled delivery, checker personnel should be at gate #3 for monitoring purposes. 



  • At least one year of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Can work under pressure and extended hour